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Dressed By An Olive

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Dressed By An Olive

366 Manning Road
Tecumseh, ON    N8N 4W5

 Gourmet Specialty Food Company

We specialize in Farm to Table, Fish to Fork products, and we are proud to be the 1st Ocean Wise Retailer/Partner in Windsor-Essex County since 2017.  We sell Wild Canadian Seafood that is ethically, sustainably caught, and traceable.

We sell Certified Organic farm to table meat, pork products and chicken from one Ontario family farm that ethically raises the livestock. 

We prepare take and bake food that is delicioulsy made with the ingredients we sell; and our specialty is fresh harvest olive oil, organic meat, chicken and pork products.

We specialize in the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil available in Windsor - Essex county. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we sell is 3rd party lab tested to ensure that the oils have not been compromised. We provide the Chemistry, Crush Date and Country of Origin. The fresh olive oil is sourced from 2 hemispheres so we can give you the freshest Olive Oil that is available twice a year.

Our Balsamic Vinegar(s) are simply natural, and made by a 4th generation family in Modena, Italy. We have a medley of over 40 infused vinegars, pair these with one of our many infused olive oils and make your next recipe simply delicious.

Discover pantry products that are unique to this area, we love discovering Artisan products that are created by other small businesses.

Discover this best kept secret in Tecumseh!

Open :  Monday - Thursday  10am - 5pm

              Friday                      10 am - 5pm

              Saturday                  10am - 4pm