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Studio V Interiors

Windsor, ON    N8N 4E4

As a small boutique-style firm, we offer our clients the highest level of service, in a more closely acquainted setting, we raise the bar high for each project- delivering on a well- executed, inspired design. With a focus on luxury interiors and styling, we create spaces that tell a story and reflect client’s personality and lifestyle, drawing inspiration from classic architecture and design, paralleled with the latest offerings from our suppliers and refined with a fresh perspective.



Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Lisa Vardai has an extensive background in the arts with over 15 years of experience in the field of interior design. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Houston and has developed her expertise by immersing herself in various fields of design. Her work alongside Kathy Andrews Interiors in Houston produced strategically-designed, award-winning spaces and concepts for single and multi-family homes. In 2012, Lisa launched her own studio and began designing spaces throughout Houston and the surrounding cities. After relocating to Windsor, Ontario in 2015. Lisa now brings her expertise and big Texas style to Windsor—Ontario, Detroit, and the surrounding cities.

Lisa’s personal style has become known for her unique approach to blending classically current sophistication with modern edginess. With a dedication to bringing latest trends to her clients, while balancing space with vintage elements. Lisa loves to creates the perfect fusion of old and new, classic and modern, intentional tension with unexpected balance.

“Design is when you combine what is functional, with what seems impossible”

She focuses on collections… What you choose to bring into your home must mean something, and she creates interiors that are reflective of what matters to you. Her passion is to create timeless, inspired spaces that bridge the gap between high-end design and functional living.

Lisa has a contagious bubbly attitude, she is well known for her logical thinking, problem solving, and can do attitude… She has created meaningful and collaborative relationships with clients, she thoughtfully defines their distinctive style, leaving an enduring mark on their residence and legacy. When she is away from the studio… you can find her spending time with her loving husband (Jozsef), 3 yr old son—Bence and 8-month old son— Emerson.

A few of her hobbies/interest include photography, design, foodie enthusiasts, traveling, cooking and candle crafting, and searching for tropical plants to add to her home collection. She believes integrating her lifestyles into these interests collectively keep her on her creative toes.