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Sage Therapeutic Consulting - Shaun Ouellette MSW, Rsw

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Sage Therapeutic Consulting - Shaun Ouellette MSW, Rsw

1983 Westminster Blvd
Windsor, ON    N8T 1X5

I am a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, with 19 years experience who applies a thought provoking therapeutic style to create an empowered, participative, resilience-driven environment. Experienced in multiple health and social service jurisdictions across Canada. I am passionate about helping clients reach their goals and use multiple therapeutic approaches as well as incorporating innovating new strategies and technology into my practice.

I tend to live my life according to the Japanese saying "Masakatsu Agatsu" - True Victory is victory over oneself."

I provide clinical supervision to other counsellors/therapists as well as specialize in working with first responders and those who have suffered through trauma. A large portion of my practice is also working with fear and anxiety disorders.


You may book online with me at any time using this link: